In case you missed it, CEO Marc Gardner was on CNBC yesterday talking to Fast Money host, Melissa Lee about PayAnywhere and mobile credit card processing. The conversation helped to spread the message about what our business is really about; customer and merchant accounts that provide convenience for small businesses nationwide.

Marc and Melissa discussed the evolution of the mobile credit card terminal over the past decade. While referencing back to when he founded North American Bancard in 1992, he talked to Lee and the Fast Money team about how the company has overcome leaps and bounds in the payment industry and successfully started PayAnywhere.

Marc Gardner on Fast Money

"I've never seen a more meteoric rise in payment acceptance with small and medium sized business owners. Think of all the businesses that operate in and around your home; carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers; all these types of businesses can now accept credit cards on their smart phone, on their tablet, on their iPad in a matter of minutes from the time they want to be paid to the time they're swiping cards," Gardner said in the interview. "That didn't take place historically."

With Marc leading the company as President and CEO, our team has been able to create a brand that is now known for not only its innovations, but its integrity as well. WeÕre proud to be able to provide merchants with a way to receive payments on the spot with an app that is offered on over 90 devices.

PayAnywhere is here to help your business flourish and can do so in many ways. Click here to find out what you can do to get your business involved with mobile credit card processing today.