The Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) now supports the use of PayAnywhere by members and friends of the nonprofit trade organization. The MLMIA provides professionals in the multi-level marketing, direct sales, network marketing and party planning industries with the networking and marketing tools needed to join together and strengthen the credibility and professionalism of the industry. Backed by PayAnywhereÕs cutting edge technology, MLMIA members and friends will now have the ability to successfully sell their merchandise while analyzing which items are increasing in popularity and which are not.

PayAnywhere upholds the MLMIAÕs ideals of professionalism in the work place by providing a way to conduct transactions with ease. Interactions between merchants and customers no longer need to be plagued with Òsorry sirÓ or Òplease hold on while I restart my machine Ms.Ó With PayAnywhere on board, members of the multi-level and direct sales profession, including corporate, support (vendors/suppliers) and independent distributors, will have the ability to simply swipe a customerÕs credit card at a momentÕs notice, increasing their sales potential and making the checkout process easier than ever for their customers.

Merchants using the PayAnywhere mobile payment solution will never deal with hidden fees, setup fees or monthly/cancellation fees. Independent distributors and brand reps switching over to PayAnywhere will benefit handsomely from the 2.69% fee for swiped transactions and the fastest payouts in the industry, with transaction funds typically deposited in merchant accounts within two business days. Swipe, sign, and receive your payment!

In a world where convenience and speed factor heavily in the success of a business, members of both the multi-level and direct sales professions need to stay ahead of the game by having ways to successfully conduct transactions. With PayAnywhere, multi-level marketing companies of any size, including all suppliers, vendors and distributors, will have the ability to accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere. Equipped with the ability to set up customized inventory, track transaction analytics, view real-time transaction reporting and send customized receipts, itÕs not hard to see how multi-level marketing companies will benefit from PayAnywhereÕs free app and credit card reader.

Available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry devices, PayAnywhere has you covered, no matter your preferred device. For more information on PayAnywhereÕs features, visit

Are you an MLMIA member interested in checking out PayAnywhereÕs mobile payment solution? If so, head to, sign up for a merchant account and receive a free card reader in the mail. As a token of appreciation, MLMIA members and friends who sign up through the site will receive free swiped transactions (up to $1000) for the first month using PayAnywhere.