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Near Field Communication, or NFC, is a wireless communication interface that connects phones to POS (point of sale) and mPOS (mobile point of sale) devices through close proximity, but how can this benefit your business? You may not know it, but NFC is actually enabled in the majority of current smartphones. It is not only compatible with all Android and Samsung devices, but in iPhone 6 and 6 plus as well. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the benefits that companies like Starbucks and Apple have already been receiving through using NFC payment transactions.

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It’s here! PayAnywhere 4.0 for Android tablets and PayAnywhere Storefront is available now. If you have PayAnywhere Storefront, the update has been pushed to your machine already. If you use PayAnywhere on a tablet, you can get the update in Google Play.

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Great news! The new Apple Pay-ready PayAnywhere mobile credit card reader is now available for purchase in all U.S. Apple Stores and Apple.com.

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Growing up we all watched cartoons where everything seemed so futuristic — flying cars, robotic maids and the ability to purchase items with a flip of the wrist or scanning something that doesn't look like cash. Well, we can't speak on the flying cars (seriously, what's the hold up?) but we can talk about how offering alternative methods of payment like Apple Pay, and Near Field Communication (NFC) can help make your business more profitable.

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