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Recently, Mashable compiled a list of overused business buzzwords, "Does anyone actually like business jargon, or is it just a bad habit? Found in corporate offices, startups and resumes alike, business buzzwords and phrases like "think outside the box" are so overused at this point that they no longer convey any actual information," the article states.

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If you've been expressing your desire to start your own business, I'm sure you've heard all the excuses people give you not to - things like it's too risky, it costs too much etc. But with every reason not to start your own business, there's at least one reason why you should.

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It might sound strange to think that creating content has something in common with beer... but hear us out. The folks at Kapost Content Marketeer make a good argument. In their blog they state, "...think of the brewer who crafted that product. Think of how thrilled they’d be if they knew that the words 'favorite beer' conjured their creation. That, after all, is the goal [with beer and content]: to deliver a unique product that hits the spot every time, creates positive and memorable experiences, and comes to mind when people want to kick back and enjoy."

So how can you brew the best content? Check out today's infographic from Kapost and Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud for ideas and tips.

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You did it! You've leased some building space, registered your new business and started bringing in inventory, but how will you process payments?

Picking the right mobile credit card processor for your business can be difficult, especially with all of the processors now available on the market. To help you narrow down your options and help you choose a trusted processor, a processor like PayAnywhere, Business News Daily has pulled together these questions you should ask before signing up with a processing company:

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It’s important as a small business owner to stay informed and keep up on industry news. To help you out, here are some small business blogs you should be reading, courtesy of CorpNet:

1. Entrepreneur

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