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Small businesses have been forced to adapt to emerging marketing strategies including social media, but social networks are often dominated by big brands, drowning out small businesses. Services professionals have a particularly difficult time making an impact in the social media space, especially when they do not have a physical location.

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In the digital marketing world today, nearly every business has a social media page. The social media outlets, while being a great way to engage with customers, come with their own set of security risks. In fact, employees’ own personal social presences can leak into the entire company’s security issues. While some companies may choose to restrict internal access to their business social media sources, others may choose to prohibit employees from associating the business on their personal social pages. Take a look at a few other precautions your business can take to address and avoid the risks that come with social media:

  • Create Privacy Policies. The policies you put into place pertaining to social media must be extremely specific. You must make your employees aware of your exact expectations, from them specifically as well as the company as a whole. You will want to outline appropriate and inappropriate social media behaviors, as well as avenues that should be completely avoided.
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In a world where one wrong click can be broadcast for all to see, social media crises are bound to happen. When it’s your business’s name and reputation at stake in the heat of the mess, recovery seems like a far-fetched wish. However, by following these simple, key steps, your business has a more than fair chance of coming out of the mess not only unscathed, but stronger than ever before.

1. Recognize the Problem. The first step to recovery is to realize what the actual crisis is. What went wrong? How did it start? How have viewers and followers been affected, and why are others joining the war against your brand? In order to help answer these questions, you may want to enlist the help of social media listening tools, which allow you to monitor the conversations pertaining to your company. 

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Though the results of using social media for your business may not always be immediate, they are no doubt measurable. Find out if all of the effort and time you put into updating your various statuses and interacting through various social media outlets is producing any fruit. By determining your business’s return of investment in social media, you will not only be able to justify the effort you put it, but you will also be able to see the areas that need your further attention. Follow these few steps to accurately evaluate your social media ROI.

1. Create Goals. In order to get the most out of your efforts, you need to set goals for your social media efforts. You need to know what you are hoping to accomplish through your use of social media for your business. Are you hoping to increase the popularity of your company? Discover and interact with new, possible customers? Promote product deals and specials? Once you determine what exactly you want, you can then take the steps to achieve it. 

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To compete with larger companies, small businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity they can. Online marketing and increased online presence positively impact small businesses and their exposure. Blogs in particular help to increase visibility and strengthen customer relationships.

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