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Accept credit cards with our mobile credit card reader.


Credit Card Readers are Designed for Small Business

The days of cash only are gone. With the rapid digitization of our society, business needs must keep up with the latest trends in customer accessibility. Increase your customer base by being able to accept payments on the go and being able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal, all at the same rate. A mobile credit card reader plugs into the headphone jack on your iPhone, Android or other smartphone and enables it to accept payments. We also value your security, we offer data encryption and tokenization to protect against fraud. Sign up and in less than five minutes on your mobile device. PayAnywhere also has a free app for iPhone and Android users, so if you were looking for an Android, tablet, ipad or iphone credit card reader then our product is perfect for your business needs. 

Different Kinds of Credit Card Readers

Credit card readers come in a few varieties and it is important to evaluate all of your options so that you know which one is the best fit for your business. The most standard version of a credit card reader is the kind that reads the magnetic stripe on credit cards. Some credit cards are also now coming with a chip in them, this chip provides an extra layer of security and protection. Chip cards are also known as smart cards or EMV. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, which are the three companies that created the enhanced security standards that come with the chip. In a chip card the data is stored on the chip as opposed to the magnetic stripe of the card. However, a majority of chip cards also have a magnetic stripe. The kind of credit card readers that are able to read the chip are known as EMV-capable or EMV-ready. With chip cards the card must be physically dipped into the reader, which is why the cards are frequently called chip-and-dip cards or chip and signature cards. Another kind of credit card reader or capability that a credit card reader can have is accepting near field communication (NFC) payments. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet are all ways to make a NFC payment. NFC is also known as contactless payment. Credit card readers that are capable of accepting payments via NFC only need to have the customer's electronic device held within a few centimeters of the credit card reader and information is transmitted between the two devices. The customer's electronic device needs to be enabled to pay through NFC in order for the credit card reader to be able to read the credit card's information. 

Point of Sale Solutions v. Credit Card Readers for Your Business

If you are looking for a point of sale system instead of a mobile credit card reader then we have a solution to fit your needs. PayAnywhere Storefront is a system designed for small business, letting you accept payment in-house or on the go. With the lowest processing rates in the industry, accepting credit cards will take you less time and save money. Understand how to accept credit cards for multiple users, with separate accounts and unique log-in credentials. Dig deeper into purchasing behavior with detailed in-app and online reporting. Learn about the who, what, where, and when of your customers' behavior. While you're looking at data, don't forget to create custom inventories. Use product images to help create faster, easier transactions.

Why Use PayAnywhere's Credit Card Reader?

PayAnywhere is a unique credit card reader that allows your business to move to the next level. We offer a free credit card reader which means there is no-risk involved with setup. PayAnywhere also offers next day funding, low fees and the ability to track and record transactions that will help to make your customers feel more secure. Trust in the encrypted data to keep this information secure too. In addition to all these security features, the entire system is user friendly. PayAnywhere also has a free app that you can use with your credit card reader. If for any reason you do have a problem, support is available from real people ready to answer your emails, tweets, and more. With all that you have to gain, and nothing to lose - what are you waiting for? Understand how to get your free credit card reader today! 

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