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Our credit card reader allows your small business to accept credit cards.

PayAnywhere Mobile allows you to accept payments on the go with our credit card reader.

Consumers today have more options than ever on where to spend their money, so it’s good business to be ready to accept payments whenever or wherever your customer is ready. That’s where PayAnywhere Mobile comes in — this mobile credit card reader puts the power of a standard point of sale system right in the palm of your hand!
So what are the benefits of accepting mobile payments? First and foremost, it gives customers the option of paying with a credit card instead of cash, or check. Having this payment option at the ready may close the sale quicker than if the customer has to wait in line, or if they don’t have cash on them.
This flexibility will also give you the opportunity to help more customers more efficiently, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to increase sales by doing higher volumes.
Another benefit of using a mobile card reader is, it is attached to a device you’re familiar with — your smartphone or tablet.
That familiarity, along with a unique app just for the reader, cuts down on the need for cost-prohibitive equipment that may not have the same positive user experience.
Additionally, PayAnywhere Mobile’s app will give you a list of your customers and their transactions that are associated with them, giving you the information you need to detect trends that will help you figure out where to put your advertising dollars.
With PayAnywhere Mobile, you’ll get:
  • Free app and card reader
  • Just 2.69% per swipe, including American Express and PayPal
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Live support
Other features include:
  • Create item libraries with product images, modifiers, and multiple prices for faster and easier transactions.
  • Add unlimited users to your account with unique login credentials.
  • From data encryption and tokenization to fraud prevention, protecting you and your customers is our highest priority.
  • Next day funding! Process a transition today, and get your money tomorrow!
  • Email or print detailed receipts that include a photo and product description. 
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. 
Need additional readers? You can order additional card readers by calling Customer Service at 877-387-5640, or sign in and order through PayAnywhere Inside.
If you’re using your reader with an iPhone or iPad you can perform an Express Sale, which can be useful for accepting a payment with a product not in your item library.
To make an Express Sale, tap on the credit card icon and follow these easy instructions:
  • Enter a custom amount for a one-off item. 
  • Hit “Add.”
  • iPhone: Process payment by swiping a card or tapping “Charge” for Cash or Manual card number entry.
  • iPad: Process payment by swiping a card or selecting “More Payment Options” for Cash or Manual card number entry.
There are step-by-step instructions just like these for performing a new sale, phone order and swipe to sell here. When you visit the link, you’ll see that the PayAnywhere Mobile has you covered in almost every situation.
With a PayAnywhere account, you’ll have access to PayAnywhere Inside. Available via the Storefront tablet, or on the web, PayAnywhere Inside provides valuable insight about your business, with detailed account activity, transaction data, referrals, and more.  It will display a summary of your transactions and functions, just like the reports in the PayAnywhere app. You can create reports and search transactions by date, customer, transaction type, etc. To view additional detail about a specific transaction, click on the + icon on the left.
Custom reports include:
  • Select a date range.
  • Identify your search criteria by user, item, category, tag, or amount.
  • Refine your search criteria with advanced search options and click Add Rule.
  • Save the filter by giving it a name (optional). This will allow you to select from saved filters in the future to quickly generate a report.
  • To create or run a new report, click Reset All.
So if you’re ready to take your business mobile, sign up for a PayAnywhere Mobile account today!

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