PCMag recently wrote about mobile payments, including solutions like Pay Anywhere. The article links to a PCMag review from February, which means it's just a tad bit outdated. Readers of that review are missing out on all the new features of Pay Anywhere! There's more options to set app preferences, discounts, Store and Forward, etc. This is great!

User Rating: "This is a very cool product. I have signed up for both Square and Pay Anywhere. They are similar, but I prefer Pay Anywhere, primarily due to Square's lousy reader and well publicized security problems. Also, the review said it had too many steps. This is because the reviewer selected the mode where it prompts you to hand it back and forth to the customer to sign and enter their email address for the receipt. It also has another option trhat is easily selected which skips these back and forth steps. As the review said, the Pay Anywhere card reader attachment is larger than Square's reader. But Square's reader has some major flaws. It's flimsy and doesn't work very well. It required swiping 9 times at a coffee shop last week before it worked!! And it spins around when you're trying to swipe the credit card which is a pain. And Square has a big security flaw they are trying to fix. Pay Anywhere also makes it easier to preload inventory and generally is less expensive. I'm really impressed with the ease of use as well." by mjmcgaughey