Social Sharing Button Must Haves

By Brooke Tajer on

Building a website for your business is a big step. It's where all your customers and prospective customers will go to learn more information and ask their questions. It's also, hopefully, where they will share your content with their own social media circles. But in order for visitors to be able to quickly share any of your content and information with a friend, you need to make it easy for them. With this goal in mind, check out this list of social sharing buttons from Small Business Trends that every site should have.

  1. Facebook: This is a big one as Facebook is the number one social network in the world and one of the easiest to use to share different types of content.
  2. Twitter: Twitter is the second most popular social network and the speed at which content spreads makes it one of the most explosive sharing platforms.
  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn, targeting the professionally minded social media user, is a great way to share content with specific groups.
  4. Email: Email is the originally sharing tool and even though it may not be as common to share via email anymore, it's an option you won't want to skip and risk missing out on your customers that don't use social media.
  5. Pinterest: If your business offers a product or service that is largely visual, Pinterest may turn out to be your most utilized sharing button. The image-based social network is perfect for businesses focused on food, fashion and DYI.

Now that you've got all your social media sharing buttons figured out, don't forget to make it simple for your customers to connect with you on these various social media platforms. Include icons on your homepage that make all of your social media presences a simple click away!