Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

By Brooke Tajer on

responsive web designRedesigning your business website can be a daunting task for many small business owners. If your current website is outdated and not performing as well as you'd like, chances are it's time to update.

Content Rich

When your customers arrive on your website, they want information about what you offer, what your company and brand are about and why they should trust you. Your website needs to focus on providing good quality content that is relevant for what your customers are searching for.

Your content needs to reinforce your brand message. It needs to share your product or service expertise. Good content can also be a strong way to generate new leads and convert site visitors into buying customers.

Besides, when you have high quality content that is relevant to your target audience, you're giving your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts a huge boost. The search engines favor well-written content that appeals to human readers who are hungry for information.

Mobile Responsive Design

Optimizing your website to be mobile friendly isn't just a passing or temporary fad. In fact, Google favors sites that are mobile optimized by listing them more prominently in search engine results.

Recent statistics show that in 2015 more Google searches were done on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers. Even if your customers find your site, if they can't view it or navigate around it properly on a mobile device, they're likely to click over to your competitor's site to find what they need, which translates to lost sales.

Ensure your website redesign incorporates a responsive mobile design that allows people using a smartphone to view and navigate your site easily.

Stronger Calls to Action

When visitors arrive on your site, they'll scan through your landing page to see what information is available. However, if you don't make it obvious what you want them to do once they get there, many people will simply go back to the search engine and keep looking elsewhere.

Make it clear what actions you want your site visitors to take. Provide links that lead them directly to the next logical step through your site.

Your call to action should lead visitors to complete the desired action, such as signing up for your newsletter, filling out a form, watching a video, dialing the office number and calling to make an appointment or clicking into your online store to buy your products.

Redesigning your website may seem like a big task, but keeping an old, outdated design that isn't performing could mean you're losing sales. Keep these tips in mind when planning your next website redesign and you could transform your business website into a powerfully successful digital marketing tool.