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Why point of sale (POS) systems are going mobile.

By Jereme Sanborn on
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No doubt, your POS solution has proven to be an invaluable partner as you run your business, assisting you in a wide range of daily and periodic tasks that extend well beyond the cash register. However, there may be more that you have not taken advantage of when it comes to mobile POS solutions. Let’s consider the many ways that mobile point of sale systems can take your business to the next level.

A quick definition.

Before we do, however, it is important to understand what an mPOS does. Simply put, POS software is installed on a portable device, allowing it to become a miniature credit card terminal. In addition, the mPOS equipment enables its user to access the many other features that point of sale solutions possess, including the ability to look up inventory or gather other product information right from the sales floor.

Streamline your inventory process.

Staff efficiency is enhanced in other ways with mobile point of sale systems. One of the most compelling is that you no longer need to keep track of your inventory using slips of paper and the random notes you or your staff jot down. With your mPOS, you can use the included barcode scanner to keep an ongoing count of what has been sold so that you can easily generate reports and make accurate sales forecasts.

Make customer checkout faster and more frictionless.

Lines at the register are stressful for your staff and frustrating for customers. With mPOS, the process can be accelerated, diminishing wait times, reducing irritation, and minimizing data entry errors. The right mPOS solution even allows you to “linebust” — accepting payments on a mobile device from customers waiting in the line. Perhaps best of all, buyers will appreciate the tech-savvy steps that you have taken to make their checkout flow faster and more fluid. 

Accept all types of payments.

Another aspect of optimizing checkout involves the spectrum of payments your systems are equipped to take. In addition to cash and standard credit cards, they can even conduct a secure transaction using their digital wallet-equipped mobile phone. That way, you can accept NFC contactless payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.  Think about it: the more flexibility you offer, the higher your potential sales can be!

Enhance customer service.

Your mobile POS is many things, including a sort of portable encyclopedia packed with valuable data about all of the products you sell, and the customers who purchase them. Imagine being able to search for a list of customers’ past purchases and loyalty rewards points totals. When all of your associates are armed with this information, they can quickly and accurately answer customers’ inquiries, in the process guiding them effortlessly toward the best product choice.

Improve the product return and exchange process.

Like it or not, people will bring items back and want to exchange them for others or receive a refund. The same line-busting capabilities that enable mPOS to streamline the initial product checkout can also make these procedures faster. The result is a win for everyone involved.

Portable devices are playing an increasingly pivotal role in many aspects of our lives. When you harness their power via a mobile point of sale system, your business can join the mobile revolution!