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Modifiers & multiple prices
Applying multiple prices or adding modifiers means an endless array of customization on transactions.

Access your item library through the Navigation Menu. Tap “Edit Mode.” Use the header to switch from Items, Categories, Modifiers, and Discounts. Hit “Close” when you’re done adding or editing items. 

Multiple prices

While you're adding or editing an item, set multiple prices if needed. For example: if you are selling an item in different sizes, you can list each available size along with its corresponding prices.  




While you're adding or editing an item, you can apply Modifier Sets to a single listing.  

To create a Modifier Set: 

  • Tap "Modifiers" and give the set a name. 
  • Toggle on/off "Allow Multiple Selections" depending on your need. 
  • Add all options, as well as the prices for each option, if applicable. 
    • For example: if you are selling an item in multiple colors or fabrics, colors may not add an additional charge, but fabrics may have a corresponding price. 
  • Hit "Save”.

To apply a Modifier Set to a specific item:

  • Tap on the item. 
  • Under "Modifier Sets", select the set you'd like to apply. 
  • Hit the back arrow, then tap "Save."

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