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Void & refund


Voids cancel a completed sale before the payment is processed. Typically, you will process a void on the same day, before your account batches out (5 PM ET). If you have a sale time stamped after 5 PM, you can void it before 5 PM the following day. 

To void a transaction:

  • Head to "Transactions." 
  • Search and select the transaction you would like to void.
  • Tap “Void” and confirm that you would like to void the transaction.


Refunds differ from voids in that the transaction has been completed and the payment has been processed. In a refund, the cardholder is credited back funds to their bank account. The refund amount must be greater than $0.00 but cannot exceed the total transaction amount. 

To refund a transaction: 

  • Head to  “Transactions.” 
  • Search and select the transaction you would like to refund. Hit “Refund.”
    • If you’re returning entire item costs, select the item counters to indicate how many of the items are being returned.
    • If the total needs to be adjusted further for any reason, enter it in the “Additional Custom Amount” field.
  • Tap “Refund” to complete.

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