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Sell - Discounts, tips, receipts


To add an Express Discount, just tap the price tag icon, and add the discount amount or percentage. Express Discounts apply to all items in the cart. 

To add an item-level discount, tap an item from the cart to apply a discount. 


Make sure you have Tips enabled under Settings Tips. 

  • On the signature screen, your customer can select from one of the preset values or enter a custom amount. 


To send your customer a receipt: 

  • Enter your customer’s name and email address. If your customer is already in your Customers list, you can select their name through the address book icon.
  • Tap the notebook icon if you would like to add a note to the receipt (optional).
  • Tap “Send Receipt.”
  • To set up BCC emails, go to Settings and tap Receipt Settings. Enter the email address you want the transaction emails to go to. Toggle on the "Bcc me on email receipts" option.

To send your customer a receipt via SMS:

  • Enter your customer’s phone number. 
  • Tap “Send Receipt.”  
  • Your customer will receive a text that indicates a purchase of $xx.xx amount made at your company. Within the text will be a link to the receipt. 

To print a receipt:

  • Switch the printer toggle to on. If you have multiple printers enabled, you will need to select which printer you would like to use. 

To modify your receipt, go to Settings → Receipt Setting.

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