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When you are logging into PayAnywhere for the first time, the first thing you will do is create a PIN. The PayAnywhere app provides a lock period to prevent unauthorized usage of your account and this PIN will be required to unlock the app. After that, you will land on the Sell screen. Tap the gear icon to visit the Dashboard and then “Settings” to access Settings.

Settings - General Settings

  • Manage Accounts: In this section, you can view your linked accounts and switch from one account to another. Additionally, you can set which account gets opened upon login. Options are to always open a default account, to open the last opened account, or to prompt you to select which account you want to use.
  • PIN Settings: Select a time for when the app locks and will require the user to enter in a PIN. Tap “Reset PIN” to reset your PIN by entering your current and then creating a new one. 
  • Receipt Settings: This section is pre-loaded with the information you supplied when you signed up for PayAnywhere. You can edit this information as well as add a company logo and receipt message. As you edit your receipt, a real-time preview of your email receipt will display on the right side.
  • Void & Refund Permissions: If you are an Administrator, you can enable Void & Refund permissions for your Cashiers. When enabled, you can also set a Void & Refund limit amount.
  • Auto-Generate Invoice Number: This feature will automatically generate consecutive invoice numbers for each of your transactions.
  • Signature & Tips
    • Always Require Signature: Customers will need to sign for transactions below $25 if this feature is enabled. All transactions over $25 are required to have a signature. Chip card transactions and transactions with tips require a signature.
    • Enable Tips: Enable the tip feature to allow your customers to add a tip at the end of a transaction. You can enter default tip values, including custom and no tip, for your customers to choose from.
  • Taxes
    • To process a sale with tax, toggle the "Auto-Detect Tax" option to On in Settings. Auto-Detect Tax turns on the geo-tax feature, which automatically calculates the appropriate tax rate based on your location. Or, if you prefer, you can set a default tax rate.
  • Hardware
    • Printers & Cash Drawers
      • Enable Receipt Printing: If you have a compatible Cloud Print or Bluetooth receipt printer, you can link it to the PayAnywhere app.
        • Enable printers by selecting the "Enable Receipt Printing" toggle.

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