3-in-1 Audio Jack Credit Card Reader

General Issues

  • Supported devices: Click here
    • Not compatible with Samsung Tab E and Google Pixel.
  • Always ensure you're running the latest version of PayAnywhere. To check:
    • iOS: Settings→Help
    • Android: Settings→Tutorials and Support→Build Version (at the bottom of the screen)
  • Try a device restart: Locate small pin on reader near aux jack, charging port. Press down (with some sort of object) for 5 seconds. Green light will start flashing.
  • Avoid using phone or device cases when using the reader. This could prevent the reader from being properly plugged in.
  • Make sure the device volume is turned all the way up.
  • Make sure the reader is fully charged.

Commonly-Reported Issues

  • Card Reader Cannot Connect/Initialize
    • Ensure the reader is fully-charged. When the reader is not fully-charged, the app has trouble initializing the chip card portion of the reader.
    • Ensure the phone or device volume is at maximum volume.
    • If you're seeing "Swipe Card Now" with the 3-in-1 plugged in, restart the device and plug in the reader. When the volume alert message pops up, click "OK" instead of "CANCEL". On some devices, clicking "CANCEL" will not save the volume settings needed to run the reader.
    • Ensure the Apple Pay symbol is facing up when you plug in the reader.
    • Check the firmware by tapping "Settings→Reader Firmware Upgrade" with the reader plugged in. If the firmware needs updating, you will be able to tap "Update Firmware". Complete the firmware update and then restart the device. Check to see if the problem persists.
    • Reset the reader: insert the end of a paper clip into the small hole next to the micro USB port, press for a few seconds. The reader will restart itself and a green light will blink.
  • Card Swipe Issues
    • Ensure the card reader is plugged in at the proper orientation (Apple Pay logo facing up).
    • Holding the card with the magnetic strip facing up toward the Apple Pay logo, swipe the card from right to left using a swift, firm action. Some users report a distinct sound of "Snick!" when the card swipe is done correctly.
    • The app will prompt the user if the card swipe was done incorrectly - it sometimes takes a few tries to get teh technique down.
    • Some users have found that bending the card slightly when swiping, so that the card has better contact with the mag stripe reader on the inside, results in a better swipe result.
    • As with all swipe readers, older cards will have a more difficult time.
    • If the card has a chip in it, the user MUST use the Chip Insert function. Swiping the card will result in an error.
  • Card Dip/Chip Issues
    • Ensure the card reader is plugged in at the proper orientation (Apple Pay logo facing up).
    • Any card with a chip in it must be inserted into the chip reader, rather than swiped.
    • When inserting/dipping cards, insert with the EMV chip facing up.
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