Add a Bluetooth receipt printer for $8.95/month. 

Add a Bluetooth receipt printer and cash drawer for $13.95/month.

Use your device’s built-in camera as a barcode scanner, or add on a compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner. The Socket Mobile 7Ci CX2870-1409 scanner is available for purchase at retailers like

Pairing a WisePadTM with PayAnywhere Storefront

Connect WisePadTM 2 to PayAnywhere Storefront:

  • Launch Settings in the PayAnywhere Storefront tablet.
  • Make sure Bluetooth® is ON and search for devices.
  • Look for a device with the prefix "WPCXXXXXXXX" and tap Pair.
    • Note: Do not pair to the device that has a suffix "WPCXXXXXXXX-LE." If this is the only option you are seeing, search for devices again.
  • Both the WisePadTM 2 and PayAnywhere Storefront will request to confirm pairing.
    • If you do not see this, try again.

Once the reader is paired, launch the PayAnywhere app.

  • Go to Settings → Card Reader.
  • Look for the recently paired reader and click on it.
  • Enable the PIN Debit option, which will request a PIN from the cardholder.

Next, update your firmware in the PayAnywhere app.

  • Go to Settings → Reader Firmware Settings → Update.
    • The screen will close automatically when the update is finished.
  • During the update process, the WisePadTM 2 will be disconnected and restarted.
    • You may need to unpair and pair the reader again from Settings in the tablet.
  • To verify that the reader is up to date, return to the Reader Firmware Settings.
    • You should see an alert that the reader is up to date.

Things to note about the PIN Debit option:

  • When enabled, contactless, keyed, and pre-authorization transactions are disabled.
  • When enabled, every transaction will request a PIN to process as PIN Debit.
  • When disabled, a PIN won’t be requested and the transaction will be processed as credit.
  • PIN Debit transactions do not require a signature.
  • Chip PIN Debit is only supported on the following card applications: US Debit and Mastercard Debit.

Setting up printers on devices

Bluetooth Star Printer

  1. Plug in the printer and turn it on.
  2. Go to device settings, turn on Bluetooth, and scan for devices. You should see "Star Micronics" under available devices. If not, try step 3 first, then refresh the list to see the printer name.
  3. On the back of printer there is a small red button labelled "Pair". Hold it down for about 10 seconds. Tap Star Micronics on your tablet/phone, if displayed. If not displayed, refresh or re-scan the Bluetooth list until you see the printer, then tap.
  4. Confirm that the pairing was successful.
  5. Open the app and tap Settings, then Printers & Cash Drawers. Turn on Enable Receipt Printing and select the printer name that appears beneath the toggle.
  6. On the Printer Details screen, toggle on Use Printer switch. You may now tap the Test Printer button to print a test receipt. You may also toggle on and test the Cash Drawer, if using. Finally, make sure you save your settings.

Bluetooth POS Printer

  1. Plug in the printer and turn it on.
  2. Go to device settings, turn on Bluetooth, and scan for devices. You should see "POS80" under available devices.
  3. Tap POS80 from the list of available devices. A small screen will pop up to enter a passcode. Enter "0000" or "1234" and then tap "Pair".
  4. Now your printer should be successfully paired to your device. Follow Step 5 and 6 from above.

Network Star Printer (TSP 100)

  1. Plug in the printer, turn it on, and connect it to a network cable.
  2. Go to device settings, turn on Wi-Fi, and connect the phone/tablet to the same network. Follow step 5 and 6 from above.

POS80BT Troubleshooting

POS80 Bluetooth printer has lost connectivity with the app. Here are some tips/instructions:

  • If your Storefront battery is at 30% or less it will drop Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Make sure the printer is not paired with another device.
  • Make sure the Storefront device doesn't have low battery, which might in turn affect the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Turn off the printer if not being used for a long time.
  • Make sure Visibility Timeout is set to "Never Timeout" in device Bluetooth settings. (Must be set)
  • Check the POS80 Printer periodically to ensure it is not in an errored state (flashing red light).
  • If the printer is in an error state:
    • Open the printer and make sure the paper is in the proper position.
    • Close the cover of the printer and make sure the cover is completely closed. The red light will turn off when the cover is closed properly.
    • The printer may print a waiting receipt.
    • Check the device's Bluetooth menu to ensure the printer is still paired.
    • Check Manage Devices/Printers to ensure the POS80BT appears, and has a checkmark next to it.
    • Try a test print.