Star Micronics TSP 650 II Bluetooth Printer

Setup instructions:

  1. Plug in the printer and turn it on.
  2. Go to device settings, turn on Bluetooth, and scan for devices. You should see "Star Micronics" under available devices. If not, try step 3 first, then refresh the list to see the printer name.
  3. On the back of printer there is a small red button labelled "Pair". Hold it down for about 10 seconds. Tap Star Micronics on your tablet/phone, if displayed. If not displayed, refresh or re-scan the Bluetooth list until you see the printer, then tap.
  4. Confirm that the pairing was successful.
  5. Open the app and tap Settings, then Printers & Cash Drawers. Turn on Enable Receipt Printing and select the printer name that appears beneath the toggle.
  6. On the Printer Details screen, toggle on Use Printer switch. You may now tap the Test Printer button to print a test receipt. You may also toggle on and test the Cash Drawer, if using.
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