WisePad PIN Debit Reader

Setup instructions:

  1. Launch Settings in the PayAnywhere Storefront tablet.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth® is ON and search for devices.
  3. Look for a device with the prefix "WPCXXXXXXXX" and tap Pair.
    • Note: Do not pair to the device that has a suffix "WPCXXXXXXXX-LE." If this is the only option you are seeing, search for devices again.
  4. Both the WisePadTM 2 and PayAnywhere Storefront will request to confirm pairing.
    • If you do not see this, try again.

Once the reader is paired, launch the PayAnywhere app.

  1. Go to Settings → Card Reader.
  2. Look for the recently paired reader and click on it.
  3. Enable the PIN Debit option, which will request a PIN from the cardholder.

Next, update your firmware in the PayAnywhere app.

  1. Go to Settings → Reader Firmware Settings → Update.
    • The screen will close automatically when the update is finished.
  2. During the update process, the WisePadTM 2 will be disconnected and restarted.
    • You may need to unpair and pair the reader again from Settings in the tablet.
  3. To verify that the reader is up to date, return to the Reader Firmware Settings.
    • You should see an alert that the reader is up to date.

Things to note about the PIN Debit option:

  • When enabled, contactless, keyed, and pre-authorization transactions are disabled.
  • When enabled, every transaction will request a PIN to process as PIN Debit.
  • When disabled, a PIN won’t be requested and the transaction will be processed as credit.
  • PIN Debit transactions do not require a signature.
  • Chip PIN Debit is only supported on the following card applications: US Debit and Mastercard Debit.
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