In the event that your credit card reader malfunctions, there is a 12-month limited warranty. In the event that you misplace your card reader, we will send you a replacement for an additional fee. If you need a replacement, order an additional one through PayAnywhere Inside or contact Customer Service at 877.387.5640.

General Issues

  • Supported devices: Click here
  • Always ensure you're running the latest version of PayAnywhere. To check:
    • iOS: Settings→Help
    • Android: Settings→Tutorials and Support→Build Version (at the bottom of the screen)
  • Try a device restart.
  • Avoid using phone or device cases when using the reader. This could prevent the reader from being plugged in properly.
  • Make sure the device volume is turned all the way up.

Commonly-Reported Issues

  • Card Reader Cannot Connect/Initialize
    • Ensure the phone or device volume is at maximum volume.
    • Ensure PayAnywhere and the bumper is facing the same way as the screen when you plug it in.
  • Card Swipe Issues
    • Ensure the card reader is plugged in at the proper orientation.
    • Holding the card with the magnetic strip facing up toward the PayAnywhere logo, swipe the card from right to left using a swift, firm action. Some users report a distinct sound of "Snick!" when the card swipe is done correctly.
    • The app will prompt the user if the card swipe was done incorrectly. It sometimes takes a few tries to get the technique down.
    • Some users have found that bending the card slightly when swiping, so that the card has better contact with the mag stripe reader on the inside, results in a better swipe result.
    • As with all swipe readers, older cards will have a more difficult time.
    • If the card has a chip in it, the user MUST use the Chip Insert function. Swiping the card will result in an error.
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