Tips & Troubleshooting

PayAnywhere Storefront

There is one free equipment swap every 12 months for defective equipment. Physical damage is not included in the free equipment swap. The paid swap fee is $99 plus shipping & handling. The replacement cost for physical damage is $199 plus shipping & handling. 

Having issues swiping a card

  • Kill the app from the background
  • Go to Device Settings → Sounds → Volume; set it to max
  • Now open the app, login, and swipe

Issues processing EMV on SF 4.4 and above

  • Confirm the firmware version on the unit: in app Settings → Reader Firmware Update → current version should say 3.10. If it's lower than that, please select the Update Firmware button. After the update, run a test EMV/Chip Card transaction to confirm it is working. If none of the above works, the Storefront may need to be swapped out.