There is one free equipment swap every 12 months for defective equipment. Physical damage is not included in the free equipment swap. The paid swap fee is $99 plus shipping & handling. The replacement cost for physical damage is $199 plus shipping & handling.

Having issues swiping a card

  • Kill the app from the background.
  • Go to Device Settings → Sounds → Volume; set it to max.
  • Now open the app, login, and swipe.

Issues processing EMV on SF 4.4 and above

  • Confirm the firmware version on the unit: in app Settings → Reader Firmware Update → current version should say 3.10. If it's lower than that, please select the Update Firmware button.
  • After the update, run a test EMV/Chip Card transaction to confirm it is working.
  • If none of the above works, the Storefront may need to be swapped out.

Storefront USB Hub

  • When changing the setting on the Storefront USB Hub from "OTG" to "Charge" and vice versa, you'll need to unplug the hub from the tablet, switch the setting, then plug it back into the tablet. Switching the setting while the hub is connected to the tablet is not effective.

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