Applying for PayAnywhere

Apply as a Business if you are incorporated or have a Federal Tax ID. Apply as an Individual if you are selling goods or services and do not have a Federal Tax ID. Click here to apply.

Your “Doing Business As” name is what a customer will see on their credit card statement.

When you apply, you will also create your password. Be sure to write down your password, as you will use this password, along with the email you entered, to login to the PayAnywhere app and PayAnywhere Inside.

If you already have an account and would like to apply for a different account, the system will ask if you want to use the same email (using the same email is what links multiple accounts together; otherwise you will use separate logins on each account). 

Prohibited merchants

For the safety of both merchants and customers, some business types are prohibited from using PayAnywhere. By accepting the Terms & Conditions and creating a PayAnywhere account, you agreed that you will not accept payments for or in connection with the following businesses:

  • Any illegal activities or goods (includes marijuana services/paraphernalia)
  • Adult sexually oriented material
  • Age sensitive products sold direct to consumer
  • Business or investment opportunities/multi-level marketing
  • Business physically located outside the U.S.
  • Dating/matchmaking
  • Deceptive/negative marketing practices
  • Any division or agent of a foreign government
  • Essay mills/paper mills (ghostwriting)
  • Financed payments via credit card
  • Gambling or sports forecasting
  • Internet/telecom services
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Money services
  • Online auctions
  • Products or services with unreasonable guarantees or claims
  • Travel services
  • Government grants
  • Will-writing kits

PayAnywhere reserves the right to modify, alter, or change this list at its sole discretion at any time with or without notice. When your PayAnywhere account is approved, that approval is provisional. PayAnywhere may ask you for additional information or documentation at any time and at our sole discretion. Types of additional information requested may include items such as: a detailed description of your business, government-issued identification, invoices for transactions, business bank statements, and other similar documents. Continued use of your account with PayAnywhere requires complying fully with these requests.

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