Create an inventory to easily and quickly access your products and services. This will streamline your sales process and provide an itemized transaction on your receipts.

Access your inventory through the Navigation Menu. Tap “Edit Mode.” Use the header to switch from Items, Categories, Modifiers, and Discounts. Hit “Close” when you’re done adding or editing items.


Group your items in Categories that can be organized by both a color and a name.

Tap “Categories” and then the “+” symbol to add a category.

Add an item to your Favorites group by tapping on the heart icon next to the item while in Edit Item view.

Add/Edit Items

Tap “Item” and the “+” symbol to add an item.

Enter a product name; photo; price/s; select if the item is taxable or not. When adding an item you can add Modifiers and Multiple Prices to a single item listing. Add the product to a category if you have categories set up. Tap “Save.”

Start tracking stock of an item by tapping "Manage Stock" to enter the quantity you have on hand.

Add/Edit Cart-Level Discounts

Tap “Discount” and the “+” symbol to create a discount.

Specify a dollar amount or percentage, name the discount, and attach a color for identification. Discounts are created just like you would an item. These discounts will apply to all items in the cart.

Manage Stock

Select an item and click on "Manage Stock."

Enter in the quantity you have to start tracking items. You will see an alert ("!" on top of the item image) when you have low stock. You are able to set the number you want to use for low stock alerts. You can sell items with 0 stock if you are an Admin.

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