When you are logging into PayAnywhere for the first time, the first thing you will do is create a PIN. (You have the ability skip this and revisit it later in Settings.) The PayAnywhere app provides a lock period to prevent unauthorized usage of your account and this PIN will be required to unlock the app. After that, you will land on the New Sale screen in Terminal theme.

Tap on the left hamburger icon to access the Navigation Menu. You can start a new sale, view transactions, edit items, view reporting, and access Settings. If the flow or screen looks different, check to see if your device is on our list of supported devices.

General Settings

  • Theme: Here you can choose which Theme you would like to use, Terminal or Retail. Terminal is ideal when you don’t have items loaded, or prefer a quicker checkout process.
  • Default Sale View: When in Retail Theme, you can set the default view for your Sell screen to land either on Item Library or Express Sale. Express Sale is ideal when you do not have items loaded.
  • Manage Accounts: In this section, you can view your linked accounts and switch from one account to another. Additionally, you can set which account gets opened upon login. Options are to always open a default account, to open the last opened account, or to prompt you to select which account you want to use.
  • PIN Settings: Select a time for when the app locks and will require the user to enter in a PIN. Tap Reset PIN to reset your PIN by entering your current and then creating a new one.
  • Receipt Settings: This section is pre-loaded with the information you supplied when you signed up for PayAnywhere. You can edit this information as well as add a company logo and receipt message. As you edit your receipt, a real-time preview of your email receipt will display.
  • Tickets and Tabs: Enable Tickets to create open tickets, such as food and drink orders, and close out when your customers are ready.
  • Offline Transactions: Enable Offline Transactions to save transactions when there is an unreliable internet connection and process them later when a connection is reestablished.
  • Permissions: If you are an Administrator, you can assign employees as Managers, Cashiers, and Reporters as well as adjust their permission settings. You can also enable Void and Refund permissions for your Cashiers. When enabled, you can also set a Void & Refund limit amount.
  • Cash Discount: For more information on the Cash Discount Program, click here.
  • Security: Enable Two Factor Authentication to add additional security to your account.

Signature & Tips

  • Always Require Signature: Customers will need to sign for all transactions if this feature is enabled.
  • Enable Tips: Enable the tip feature to allow your customers to add a tip at the end of a transaction. You can enter default tip values, including custom and no tip, for your customers to choose from.
  • Sign on Printed Receipt: Customers sign on a printed receipt. This option will print out a merchant and customer copy of the receipt. If this is enabled, the Signature screen will not display.


To process a sale with tax, toggle the Auto-Detect Tax option to On in Settings. Auto-Detect Tax turns on the geo-tax feature, which automatically calculates the appropriate tax rate based on your location. Or, if you prefer, you can set a default tax rate.


  • Card Readers: This section shows which Bluetooth payment devices are currently connected.
  • Reader Firmware Update: Tap Update Firmware to update the firmware of your payment device. Your payment device must be connected.
  • Printers & Cash Drawers
    • Enable Receipt Printing: If you have a compatible Apple AirPrint (iOS only) or Bluetooth receipt printer, you can link it to the PayAnywhere app.
      • Enable printer/s by selecting the Enable Receipt Printing toggle.
  • Barcode Scanners: By default, your device's built-in camera is the barcode scanner. However, if you purchased a compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the scanner to your device and the PayAnywhere app.
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