Allow your customers to set up an autopay subscription to pay their recurring invoices.

To set up autopay:

  1. Your customer will receive the invoice via email.
  2. They can then click the link provided to submit a payment.
    - The link takes the customer to a secure payments page where they can enter their card information. (Note: Link is valid for 90 days).
  3. The customer will enter their credit card information and check the "Enroll in autopay by automatically charging this card for future payments in this series" box.
  4. The customer will then click PAY NOW to begin their autopay subscription.

The customer will receive a confirmation email once they are successfully enrolled in a recurring series of invoices, as well as a second confirmation email if they have subscribed to autopay.

To end an autopay subscription, select the customer's name under the Subscriptions filter and click "End Subscription."

Admins and Managers have full access to invoices and autopay in PayAnywhere Inside.

Card Payment Authorization Form

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