Disputes provides a convenient way to view and manage chargebacks, and dispute the ones you believe are not valid.

How it works:

  • We notify you of new disputes by email.
  • Dispute details include:
    • The due date.
    • What stage the dispute is in.
    • The Status and Action Required.
      • If you choose to dispute the chargeback, there will be links to attach supporting documents and provide your comments.
    • Transaction details and the amount being disputed.
  • Track the status of All Disputes or filter to specifically View disputes that need Action Required, are Under Review, or have been Closed.
    • You will be notified if additional documentation is needed on a dispute that is Under Review (The dispute will then move back to Action Required).
  • You can also filter disputes by Stage - Retrieval, Chargeback, Pre-Arbitration, Arbitration.
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