Inventory consists of Items, Categories, Modifiers, and Discounts.

Adding Items, Categories, Modifiers, and Discounts functions in the same way as the PayAnywhere app. Changes made here sync to the PayAnywhere app and vice-versa.

To delete multiple items, select the items using the checkboxes, or click Select All, then Delete.


  • Import: Click on the Import icon to bulk upload your items. You will need to download the template to enter in your items. The template file must stay as a CSV file (.csv) when you are uploading into PayAnywhere Inside.
  • Export: You can export your Inventory as a CSV file with the stock numbers at the time of the export included.
  • Manage Stock: Select an item and click on Manage Stock. Enter in the quantity you have to start tracking items. You will see an alert ("!" on top of the item image) when you have low stock. You are able to set the number you want to use for low stock alerts. You can sell items with 0 stock if you are an Admin.
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