Use PayAnywhere Inside to accept payments, right in your browser. Virtual Terminal can be located under the Business section of PayAnywhere Inside. You are charged the keyed rate for Virtual Terminal transactions.

1. Enter transaction amount and optional notes.

2. Key in your customer's credit card information.

3. Assign a customer and enter contact information for an optional receipt.

View and manage Virtual Terminal transactions under Activity Transactions Virtual Terminal.


Voids cancel a completed sale before the payment is processed. Typically, you will process a void on the same day, before your account batches out (10 PM ET). If you have a sale time stamped after 10 PM, you can void it before 10 PM the following day.

To void a transaction:

  • Head to "Transactions."
  • Search and select the transaction you would like to void.
  • Tap “Void” and confirm that you would like to void the transaction.


Refunds differ from voids in that the transaction has been completed and the payment has been processed. In a refund, the cardholder is credited back funds to their bank account. The refund amount must be greater than $0.00 but cannot exceed the total transaction amount.

To refund a transaction:

  • Head to “Transactions.”
  • Search and select the transaction you would like to refund. Hit “Refund.”
    • If you’re returning entire item costs, select the item counters to indicate how many of the items are being returned.
    • If the total needs to be adjusted further for any reason, enter it in the “Additional Custom Amount” field.
  • Tap “Refund” to complete.
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