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Accept credit cards with our mobile credit card reader.

Credit card readers for businesses on the go.


Built with business on the move in mind, PayAnywhere Mobile allows you to transform your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet into a mobile credit card reader!  PayAnywhere Mobile offers an easy to use robust payment processing app that will allow you to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime.  

Some of the benefits of the PayAnywhere Mobile credit card reader include:

Support. PayAnywhere Mobile customer and technical support are available both day and night via email, phone, or chat.

Simple pricing. Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover at just 2.69% per swipe with no monthly fees, and never any hidden fees!

Get your money fast. When you use your mobile credit card reader today from PayAnywhere Mobile, you'll get your funds tomorrow. Meaning, you'll get paid within one business day of a processed sale.

Informed reporting. Detailed in-app and online reporting with PayAnywhere Inside lets you know what, where, and when your customers are purchasing.

The reader. The PayAnywhere Mobile card reader works with Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablets. The reader can flex to fit your device and prevent spinning. You can download the free app from the App Store on iTunes or Google Play.

Swipe with confidence. We work diligently to protect you and your customers from fraud by using the latest data encryption and tokenization technology.

Multiple users. Have multiple employees accept payments for your business. Each employee will have a unique login allowing you to review each employee's credit card processing performance levels.

Library. Create a versatile item library with discounts, categories, and other favorites. You can add product images, modifiers and prices for a faster and easier check out experience.

So what should you expect when you get your box from PayAnywhere Mobile? Well, not including the 20+ years of experience that our parent company brings to the table — what you'll receive will include the free PayAnywhere Mobile card reader and access to the payment processing app that will help you get the most out of your new credit card reader.

Here are a few other terms that may pop up in your research for a mobile credit card processing credit card reader:

Card reader: A device used to access information from the magnetic stripe of a plastic payment card. Information contained on the stripe is necessary for processing transactions.

POS Terminal: An electronic device placed at the point of sale. The terminal connects to a system via telecommunication lines and is designed to authorize, record and forward sales transactions by electronic means.

Wireless Terminal: A machine that has capability to processing transactions over a wireless network, similar to a cell phone (like PayAnywhere Mobile.)

Authorization: Approval by, or on behalf of, the card Issuer to validate a transaction for a merchant or another affiliate bank. An authorization confirms that a cardholder has sufficient funds available to cover the pending transaction at the time the authorization is requested. In some situations, it holds these funds to cover this transaction. The approval code data must be attached to the transaction data for the transaction to complete all steps of the process.

Card Member Agreement: Provides the terms and conditions of a payment card account. Federal law requires a consumer disclosure in this Agreement. It also represents a binding agreement between Card Issuers and their customers. Must include annual percentage rate, monthly minimum payment formula, annual fees and dispute resolution processes. Changes in the cardholder agreement can be made, with written notice, at any time by the Issuer. Cardholders have the right to cancel their cards if they do not accept such changes in the term. Existing balance may be paid off under the previous account terms.

Force Transactions: A transaction that's already approved and needs to be keyed into the terminal for processing. (i.e. when voice authorization is used.) In most cases, customer has already left the store. Performed because merchant couldn't complete original authorization, either a referral message response was received from the original transaction or a temporary interruption of service and merchant obtained voice authorization. This allows the merchant to include the sale so it can be settled as part of the settlement batch.

Merchant agreement: The written agreement between a merchant and a bank that contains respective rights, duties and warranties, and obligations for participation in the MasterCard and VISA program; with respect to acceptance of the bank card and matters related to the bank card activity.

Did you know that PayAnywhere also offers a point of sale (pos) device called PayAnywhere Storefront? PayAnywhere Storefront, you'll receive a free 10-inch tablet, sleek stand with a built-in card reader that will allow you to accept credit cards and PayPal mobile in-store payments. It is the perfect point of sale to accept credit cards.

So what should you expect when you get your box from PayAnywhere Storefront? The box you'll receive will include:

  • 10-inch tablet
  • Stand with built-in credit card reader
  • Power cord
  • Mobile credit card reader (PayAnywhere Mobile)
  • Mounting kit
  • User setup guide


You can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and even PayPal starting at just 1.69% per swipe, and $12.95 per month with PayAnywhere Storefront. There are no setup fees to get this credit card swiper in your store.

For information on how to get a PayAnywhere Mobile credit card reader, contact us at 877-387-5640 or visit our website where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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