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Our point of sale system allows your small business to accept credit cards.

PayAnywhere Storefront allows you to accept payments on the go with our point of sale system.

payanywhere_storefront_tablet_point_of_saleThe key to understanding what PayAnywhere Storefront can do for your business is first to get familiar with some of the vocabulary that may be familiar to the credit card processing community, but not typically found in everyday conversation.

One term that seems to pop up more than any other is POS, which is short for Point of Sale. This is where you take the customers order, run their credit card through your card reader, and deliver the good or service to the customer.

With PayAnywhere Storefront, you'll receive a free 10-inch tablet, sleek stand with a built-in card reader that will allow you to accept credit cards, and PayPal mobile in-store payments. It is the perfect point of sale to accept credit cards. The free equipment also includes our industry-leading app, and the opportunity to purchase a cash drawer and printer to print receipts.

Some of the benefits of the PayAnywhere Storefront include:

Support. PayAnywhere Storefront customer and technical support are available day and night via email, phone, or chat.

Known pricing. Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and even PayPal starting as low as 1.69% per swipe and $12.95 per month. There are no setup fees to get this credit card swiper in your store.

Get your money. When you use your credit card reader today on the PayAnywhere Storefront, you’ll get your funds tomorrow. Meaning, you’ll get paid within one business day of a processed sale.

Effective reporting. Detailed in-app and online reporting with PayAnywhere Inside lets you know what, where, and when your customers are purchasing.

Item libraries. Create item libraries for faster and easier transactions. You’ll be able to include images and different modifiers and prices.

Detailed receipts. Email or print (when you purchase an optional printer) a detailed receipt that can include a photo and product description. PayAnywhere Storefront is compatible with Apple AirPrint-enabled (iOS only) or Star Bluetooth printers (iOS and PayAnywhere Storefront only) and select cash drawers. Hardware can be purchased at third-party sites like CDW, PCMall, or Amazon.com

So what should you expect when you get your box from PayAnywhere Storefront? Well, not including the 20+ years of experience that our parent company brings to the table, the box includes:

  • 10-inch tablet
  • Stand with built-in credit card reader
  • Power cord
  • Mounting kit
  • User setup guide
  • Mobile credit card reader (PayAnywhere Mobile)

Here are a few other terms that may pop-up in doing your research for a credit card reader:

Card reader: A device used to access information from the magnetic stripe of a plastic payment card. Information contained on the stripe is necessary for processing transactions.

POS Terminal: An electronic device placed at the point of sale. It’s connected to a system via telecommunication lines and is designed to authorize, record and/or forward sales transactions by electronic means.

Did you know that PayAnywhere also offers a mobile point of sale (mpos) device called PayAnywhere Mobile? This mobile credit card reader, which you’ll receive in the box with your Storefront terminal, allows you to accept the same payment options as PayAnywhere Storefront, but charges 2.69% per swipe with no monthly fees.

For more information about PayAnywhere Storefront, contact 877-387-5640 or visit our site to sign-up today! 

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