2016 Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

By Ashley Littles on
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brandingAre you approaching 2016 as a new entrepreneur with a cool start-up? Or maybe you are taking a seasoned craft or expertise to the next level and officially becoming a business owner. Either way, the preliminary stages of entrepreneurship have more to do with carving your niche and your brand, than all the money you can make in the long run.

Taking thoughtful and intentional steps to effectively brand your small business will create an ROI that will manifest itself in new leads, higher impressions, a great reputation, increased dividends and landing the clients you really want.

One of the most important aspects of branding is making sure your identity is one that is human and relatable.

According to, creating a memorable brand symbol is a dedicated task and it must be handled by a professional. You have to carefully consider every aspect of these entities. For instance, the color, shape and size of the logo, along with the font used in the text and the music used in the ad, all adds to the aura. If you are hiring celebrity endorsers, you must be sure the image of that celebrity fits with the image that you want to build for your brand.

Branding is not an exact science. It involves trial and error, as well as impactful discussions about the future of the business because operations shouldn’t outlast the identity of a business.

Brandanew has it right with their suggestions on creating a brand for start-ups and small businesses. For more in-depth suggestions on branding strategy, read more of their blog.