Merchant services for Professional Services businesses.

At Payanywhere, we are committed to simplifying credit card processing for professional services businesses, including companies in the legal industry, marketing firms, accountants, and their clients.

What is a professional services business?

Professional services firms are organizations that provide knowledge-based services to their clients. Professional services firms exist in many different industries including entities who provide legal services, as well as other service businesses like ad agencies, accounting firms, financial advisors, and many more. At Payanywhere, we are uniquely positioned to help professional services businesses like yours offer secure and seamless payment processing to clients, while leveraging data-driven insights to make your firm more profitable. It's merchant services for professional services, simplified!

What do I need a merchant account for?

Partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable payments provider like Payanywhere is important because it allows you to offer your clients payment processing options that are seamless and safe, including:

Offer your clients all the ways to pay.

Edge Program.

Take advantage of our Edge Program to enjoy the piece of mind that comes with securing one low rate for every transaction, while offering a Cash Discount to non-card users.

In-app payments.

Download our easy-to-use Payanywhere SDK. You can even integrate payments directly into your website, point of sale, or app.

How to choose the best payment processor for my business.

There are a number of things you should look for when deciding upon the right merchant services provider.


All-in-one payments platform.

You'll want the security and simplicity of working with a partner who owns their own backend payment processor. That way, your transactions are managed on a platform with less points of failure, ensuring the highest level of security and stability, and only one point of contact for you to navigate if you need support.


Payment solutions.

You'll want access to payment solutions that give you and your customers multiple payment acceptance options, like our Payanywhere Smart Solutions.

Includes 4G and wifi connectivity, receipt printer, and a camera for easy barcode scanning.

Receipt printer not available on Smart Terminal Mini.

Terminal Mini

5" HD touchscreen.


5" HD touchscreen.

PINPad Pro

4" HD touchscreen, 2.4" customer facing touchscreen.


4" HD touchscreen.


8" HD touchscreen, 4.3" customer facing touchscreen.


12.5" HD touchscreen, 4.3" customer facing touchscreen.


Data-driven analytics.

You should partner with a company that helps you accept credit card payments, and is committed to giving you the data you need to make smarter decisions and grow your business.



Finally, you'll want access to industry-leading customer care and technical support.

We've turned invoicing inside out.

Another important payment processing service we provide our professional services partners is invoicing.

  • Turn any meeting into a billable-hours invoice directly from the Payanywhere app.
  • Automate billing cycles with our recurring invoicing solutions.
  • Enroll your clients in autopay.
  • Add custom branding to your invoices and payment pages.

Innovative invoicing — just one more way Payanywhere is simplifying payment processing for professional service businesses!

Access to Payments Hub, your free online business command center.

Visit your very own secure online merchant portal to access:

  • Detailed, analytics-based reporting.
  • Easy-to-use customer and employee tools.
  • A Virtual Terminal for online payments.
  • Invoices with recurring payments.
  • Dispute management and more.

Access a Virtual Terminal that does virtually anything.

Payments Hub gives you free access to a Virtual Terminal that allows you to:

  • Accept payments from right within your web browser.
  • Accept payments over the phone.
  • Accept card-present transactions using a Payanywhere Bluetooth Credit Card Reader.
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