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We’re getting ready to drop PayAnywhere 5.5.1 and want to make sure you are prepared.

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data_security.jpgWhen it comes to running your small business, you are handling a myriad responsibilities to ensure the day-to-day operations are managed. Sales forecasting, maintenance, IT support and marketing all fall under the title of small business owner or entrepreneur. So, it can be challenging to best protect your small business from cyber attacks and data breaches especially when companies like Equifax or Target, that should be tough for criminals to breach, are in the news for just that.

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emv-card-reader.jpgAs a business owner or merchant, there will undoubtedly come a time where you are going to experience a chargeback. Not only is the process of going through a chargeback a hassle, but it can also cause an unexpected expense on behalf of the merchant. If you’re a small business, unexpected costs can wreak havoc on your bottom line and could even have a negative effect on your business. So, let’s take a look at exactly what a chargeback is; some of the common reasons for chargebacks; what a merchant should do when they receive a chargeback notification; and steps they can take to avoid chargebacks.

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small-business-owner.jpgThe holidays are the most important time to bring in customers. But as much as two-thirds of American consumers report having worse customer experiences during the holiday shopping season than any other time of the year. That’s a problem for small business owners.

Improving customer support should be your number one goal as your prepare for the holidays. Here’s how:

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One of the latest updates to PayAnywhere brings a welcome addition to the PayAnywhere app and the Business section of PayAnywhere Inside. You can now easily create and send your customers an invoice. Here’s how to do so:

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