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7 reasons you should update your POS system in the new year.

By Jereme Sanborn on
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The new year is the perfect time to examine things, keep what works, and discard or upgrade what is no longer effective. This “taking stock” process also applies to your business procedures and equipment, particularly when it comes to your point of sale (POS) system. In this case, there are several good reasons to upgrade.

Reduced costs and paperwork.

A modern POS solution has many energy-efficient features. For instance, it allows for receipts to be emailed to customers, helping the environment and cutting down on the use of paper.

Smaller footprint.

Gone are the days of the behemoth POS that took up precious space on your counter. Current models are compact, yet filled with features that enable you to conduct payment transactions and take care of many of the administrative chores involved in running a business.

Cloud-based data storage.

Antiquated POS systems require on-site server banks in order to keep their data safe. Even then, information is at risk should damage occur to the property. Current devices use cloud-based storage, resulting in both heightened security and a reduction in your energy bills.

Easier to use.

Delays at the checkout counter are often caused when employees have difficulty operating the POS system. Today’s versions are far more intuitive than their predecessors. This results in shorter training times, fewer employee errors, faster queues, and most importantly: Happier customers.

Heightened security.

Hackers never sleep, and they are always looking for the lowest hanging fruit. Once they recognize that a business is limping along using old POS equipment, they can quickly take advantage of its vulnerabilities.

By contrast, updated systems have cutting-edge cyber security protocols that protect your business when processing debit and credit cards or transmitting data within your internal network. In addition, the right POS solution can integrate seamlessly with your antivirus and anti-malware software to protect against external threats. This helps you to comply with data security standards, protects information, and provides evidence to your investors or auditors that you take data security seriously.

Integration with other software.

Your updated POS software will enable you to gather and analyze data about your customers, inventory, and sales trends. These features will be made even more useful if you marry your POS to other accounting or analysis programs that you are already using. Today’s systems make this type of digital collaboration seamless.

Improved customer service.

Today’s consumers want more than a generic checkout process, and your modern POS system will deliver. When you take full advantage of its capabilities, you can target your marketing to fit customer needs and preferences. You’ll also have the flexibility to accept payments in numerous forms, including credit cards, debit cards, and touch-free payments using the digital wallet in a smartphone.

Your ancient POS system may have served you well, but it doesn’t sport the scope and depth of capabilities that can be found in cutting-edge models. As you turn that page on the calendar to indicate the start of a fresh year, why not give your business a boost by retiring your old system in favor of a sleek, speedy, and efficient modern POS system? When you do, your employees and customers will thank you.