Introducing your new merchant portal: Payments Hub

By Ryan Gibbons on
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It's almost time to say goodbye to Payanywhere Inside - and say hello to Payments Hub - your new merchant portal. A new name and a new enhanced look are designed to improve your ease of use. Login using your same credentials and your current Payanywhere Inside features will still all work the same, but with better visualization, navigation, and help tools then before! 

So out with the old and in with the new:

All about the green

Payments Hub is all about the green...literally. You’ll notice our biggest change right away as we transition the color of your portal from orange to green. While at the same time, our new and improved data visualization tools will hopefully end up putting more green into your pockets.

Charts and graphs have been modified to display, compare, and break down even more data generated by your business. This gives you deeper insights into how your business is performing and a better opportunity to discover and take advantage of trends.

A smooth ride

Another big change within the merchant portal is an upgraded navigation layout. This is highlighted by a collapsible navigation bar that makes transitioning from section to section smooth and easy. Ultimately, this saves you time and makes finding features quicker.

We’ll help guide you too!

If you get stuck in the new Payments Hub we have a ton of helpful features to support you. On every page, you can use our Need Help tab for a detailed breakdown of that page or any feature within Payments Hub.

As we gear up for our launch we’ll be following up with guides, how-to videos, and other resources to get you up and running with Payments Hub.