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Does your business deliver? Why you need these features for your POS system.

By Jereme Sanborn on
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Customers love the convenience of delivery and you want to make sure they get what they want. Whether you specialize in super sandwiches or you’re known for your perfect pizzas, you can streamline delivery and get orders to your customers faster by investing in a POS system with the following five key features.  

Robust integration options.

Information from your POS should flow seamlessly to the other platforms you use for business tasks. Every order offers the chance to secure valuable data related to CRM, inventory, sales and marketing, and so forth. That said, you don’t have the time to make cumbersome manual updates to these platforms. Integrations speed up the process, reduce errors, and give your staff more time to focus on filling orders. 

The secure storage of customer information.

Every restaurant has “that” customer — the one who orders the same thing on the same day or at the same time without fail and has specific instructions for how it’s to be prepared. This is just one of many scenarios where it makes sense to have a POS system that can securely store customer information.

Whether you use this info for recurring payments or for a single transaction, the ease of checking out without having to put the customer’s personal information in every time will ensure a seamless checkout experience every time.

Flexible order customization. 

You only have to look at the ongoing debate over pizza toppings (immortalized in countless pop culture skits) to know delivery isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. No matter what you sell, your POS needs to support the nearly endless options for order customization. Pizza toppings, sandwich components, salad dressings, sides, and drinks should all be easy to choose and modify, to align with personal preferences. 

Phone and mobile app ordering. 

What could be more convenient for your customers than the ability to put in a delivery order on the way out of the office, knowing dinner will arrive just a few minutes after they get home? You can put this purchasing power in the palms of their hands, literally, with mobile app ordering options. POS platforms providing these features integrate with your mobile app for easy ordering and the customization of delivery locations.

Mobile payment options. 

Fast delivery is imperative if you want happy customers. POS solutions designed for delivery should be capable of taking payments on the go. Whether delivering to a customer’s home, office, or elsewhere, mobile payment options make delivery drivers more efficient. Being able to accept payments in person instead of through a virtual terminal also saves your business money since fees for these types of transactions are typically lower. Finally, offering mobile payment options helps create loyal (repeat) customers.

With these POS features, you’ll have no problem optimizing the delivery experience for your customers, while simultaneously managing administrative details on your end. Customers are happier when orders arrive on time and without errors and happy customers tend to buy more. It’s a win-win situation made possible by a simple investment in a better POS solution.