Cab Rides in D.C. Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

By Brooke Tajer on

New legislation in Washington D.C. is causing taxi companies in the area to rethink how they accept credit and debit card payments and PayAnywhere is here to help. Earlier this week airsMobile Inc. announced its partnership with USA Cabs, resulting in the first install of TaxiRadar™, a next generation E-hail and smart meter taxi system designed in response to the new DC taxi commission regulations. TaxiRadar leverages the PayAnywhere API to enable in-app mobile payments via credit or debit card, completing the smart meter and secure credit card payment experience.

With TaxiRadar, not only will passengers be able to see the GPS location of available taxis in real-time and to hail one with one simple touch, but they will also experience the benefit of being able to pay with plastic, now a required capability mandated by the new D.C. Taxi Commission (DCTC) regulations. Passengers will also enjoy the added comfort of knowing their credit and debit card payment will be processed securely by PayAnywhere technology.

TaxiRadar, received a positive nod from the DCTC Director himself last Friday when he came out to the garage of USA Cabs to see a live demo. Following the live demo the Director confirmed the implementation was in full compliance with the new DCTC regulations.

USA Cabs is one of the first companies to meet the new DCTC requirements for smart meter technology and its customers are sure to be the big winners.

Long gone are the days when you had to stand in the rain trying to hail a cab while still holding on to your morning coffee and umbrella or have that awkward conversation with your driver when you are short on cash and they have no way to process credit and debit card payments. Now you can hail a D.C. cab with your phone and pay for your ride with ease thanks to TaxiRadar and PayAnywhere!

Other industries and businesses interested in finding out how they can benefit from the convenience and safety of mobile credit and debit card payments can learn more about the free PayAnywhere mobile payment API here: