How to Attract the Right Clients for Your Business

By Brooke Tajer on

woman holding 'open' signBuilding any small business involves increasing the number of clients you work with. However, not all clients are an ideal match for your business. In fact, there are times when bad clients can end up costing you more than they're worth.

The key to running a successful business is to find ways to attract more of the right clients, while minimizing your exposure to problematic clients at the same time. Before you head out in search of the right clients it helps to know who you're looking for and how you'll attract them.

Who Are Your Perfect Clients?

Take some time to work out who is the perfect client for your business. List your ideal client's gender, income, location, lifestyle and any other qualities you feel would suit your business.

Consider some of your existing clients and assess whether the best ones have any characteristics in common. When you have a clear idea who your perfect client is, it becomes much easier to find them.

Review Your Competition

No matter what industry you're in, there are other businesses vying for your potential clients. Take the time to check what your competitors offer clients. Then focus on your own business's points of difference. Think about what you do best and why you stand out from your competitors.

Build a Clear Customer Perception

How do your clients perceive your business right now? Are they dealing with you based solely on price, or are they focused on the results you achieve for them?

Of course, most clients want good value for the money they spend within your company. However, by creating a clear presentation of the results you're able to provide with your products or services you have the opportunity to weed out the bargain hunters and attract clients who are happy to pay for good results at a fair price.

Take an objective look at your marketing material and the content on your website. Then work on crafting your brand identity to reflect exactly who you are and what you offer. When you set an expectation of providing good value or results for your clients, you'll soon find you're working with people and businesses who value what you do for them.

Create a Welcome Packet

Every entrepreneur should create a welcome packet for new clients. Your welcome packet is the ideal opportunity to let new clients know exactly what to expect when doing business with you.

The information within your welcome packet helps you to define the scope of work and outline your workflow processes. You also have the opportunity to set clear boundaries with clients, including your working hours and preferred payment methods.

When each client is informed about how your business operates and what they should expect, you drastically reduce the number of miscommunications and disputes that could potentially arise.

Not every client is a good match for your business. Rather than trying to attract or keep off-matched clients, drop them and focus on attracting those who value what you do for them.