​Meet the PayAnywhere Smart Terminal – the solution to help your business evolve

By Joshua Griffin on
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Today’s world of business is changing, rapidly. New technologies are making it faster and easier than ever to get the products or services that people want. At PayAnywhere, it’s our job to help you keep up with the ever-changing expectations of your customers.

We are proud to introduce you to the PayAnywhere Smart Terminal. This powerful, handheld device is built for making business simple and features:

  • A 5” touch screen for easy navigation.
  • EMV chip card, NFC contactless, and magstripe readers.
  • PIN debit capability.
  • Front and back cameras for barcode scanning.
  • Built-in receipt printer.
  • 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The PayAnywhere Smart Terminal blends modern hardware with the user-friendly software of PayAnywhere. Unique software elements that stand PayAnywhere apart are features like customized payment solutions to handle almost every preferred payment type, in-app and real-time reporting, inventory management, and employee management tools. Because of these unique capabilities, PayAnywhere Smart Terminal is ready to help your business become simplified.

Payments – Customized payment solutions like split payments, pre-authorizations, discounts, and tip/tax settings are just some of the dynamic capabilities PayAnywhere offers. Creating and sending invoices to customers for online payment at a later date is easily done through the PayAnywhere app. Additionally, customers can opt for their receipts via email or text message – unique functions that aren’t available on traditional payment terminals – if going green is a priority to your business. Don’t worry, printed receipts are still available for those who want one!

Ringing up sales, accepting payment, and printing a receipt are streamlined and seamless – all providing greater access and a simplified experience compared to a traditional payment terminal.

Using PayAnywhere has never been more customizable. You select how you want to accept payments by choosing from Terminal theme or Retail theme. These customizable options allow you to create a unique experience for you and your customers – something you’d never be able to do with a traditional payment terminal.

Terminal Theme – For a rapid and expedited payment, quickly enter the transaction amount and then swipe, dip or tap to process the transaction. Choose a preferred method of receipt and the transaction is complete.

Retail Theme – Perfect for businesses with a pre-loaded inventory list. Quickly select from items available for sale, insert the card or proceed for other payment options to process payment. Then capture a signature, if applicable, and select a printed or digital option for the receipt and the transaction is done.

Reporting – Being able to customize reports on your sales, customers and employees allows you to tailor your business decisions based on data. Knowing which items are the most popular based on real-time reporting through both the PayAnywhere app and PayAnywhere Inside gives you an advantage to optimize your business decisions to drive growth and achieve the goals you want for your business.

Inventory management – You can easily create items in your library that have a name, photo, multiple prices listed, and discounts – in the case you are offering items for a special sale. You can also quickly track stock and set up alerts when you run low on certain items.

Employee Management – Through our partnership with Homebase, managing your employees has never been easier than with PayAnywhere! Streamlined workforce management via PayAnywhere Inside and the PayAnywhere app helps you focus on key business elements that will drive growth and sustainability. In addition, you can track employee performance through Employee Performance Reports.

The PayAnywhere Smart Terminal provides a powerful and compact solution that helps your business keep pace and evolve. As PayAnywhere continues to look at ways it can help grow your business, we’re working harder than ever to get smarter – and we love input! 

Together we can create simple solutions that help your business grow. If you have input or feedback, we’d love to hear from you so we can craft a solution around your challenge. We can be reached via email at feedback@payanywhere.com 

The PayAnywhere Smart Terminal is available to new and existing PayAnywhere businesses. For best ways to contact us, please visit our website