Merchant spotlight - Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed.

By Ryan Gibbons on
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We’re launching our merchant spotlight, a Q and A series with real-world Payanywhere merchants. We highlight their stories, general business tips, and how they get the most out of Payanywhere.

Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed

Fall is the perfect time for cider, and no one knows cider quite like Paula Frederick, owner of Barn Etc Hard Cider. Located in Cashmere, Washington, Barns Hard Cider was founded in 2010, and since then, their Country Elegance Heirloom Blend ciders have flourished.

Paula shares her story, how her business has been adapting through the pandemic and touches on her favorite Payanywhere features. Here’s her story:

Can you share the story behind your business and tell us how Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed came to be?

Our journey started 10 years ago as I noticed interest in hard ciders growing. After two years of research and development, we created our name Country Elegance and were soon offering cider to the public!

What can you tell us about the cider and other items you sell?

Our brand, Country Elegance Heirloom Blend is made from a variety of heirloom apples (apples that pre-date 1960 and have not been modified). We have included Pink Lady ® and Honey Crisp in individual blends, each with its own delightful taste profile. Country Elegance Heirloom Cherry Cider with tart pie cherries is a favorite and Perry, fermented heirloom pears served with tasty chocolate is amazing!

I also commission rustic paintings of local landscapes, barns, local businesses to include, Chateau Faire La Pointe Winery, Liberty Orchards, makers of Aplets & Cotlets, Cashmere Cider Mill, home of Lady Blush, Stehekin Valley Ranch, Mission Ridge Ski Resort, Smallwoods Harvest, The Cashmere Antique Mall, and the Anjou Bakery, to name a few. I also enjoy general fun ideas, such as the “Farm Fresh butt nuggets” wood signs and prints for our friends who love chickens!

What do you enjoy most about your business?

My husband and I enjoy meeting people, sharing our ciders with our guests, knowing they have had a unique experience.

Any tips for other business owners who are getting started?

The journey is filled with bumps and hurdles that seem overwhelming at times. Keep persevering! Seek out information wherever you can! We all learn from others’ experiences.

What’s your most popular cider/item? What is your favorite?

Our Cherry cider has hit the area with a great response. I like them all and with the difference in each person’s palette, I try not to influence them by picking just one. Many who try our ciders leave with the collection of all 5, they are that good!

What has the journey through the pandemic been like for your business?

SLOW! Everyone disappeared one week and that was the end of our early and midseason. Our business closed, per our state’s requirements for several months. We have been rebuilding by offering shipping with phone and online order requests. We hope next season, 2021 will bring more travelers out to explore and visit! Visit online at if you would like to order!

What was your first impression of using Payanywhere?

I absolutely loved it! I would giggle when I heard the bell ring, saying transaction complete! I was able to complete transactions with little trouble and later see the results in my bank account. The improvements Payanywhere has continued to make have made our business financial record keeping a breeze! Each time I have called in for help, your staff has been very good at tracking down the solution as well as very polite and courteous. Thank you for doing such a great service!

What devices or features do you use or find helpful?

I keep everything simple with an android tablet or my cell phone and the card reader that is attached to my lanyard. I have had to replace my reader one time since I started and that was due to the chip reading change. I use inventory tracking, transaction data, reports for taxes, item lists, and performance reports for my business. I have other artists work in my shop and am able to match each artist to their items using Payanwhere. I can take photos of each item and enter them on the list if I choose.

How has Payanywhere improved your performance?

More than 100%! I am so happy to have this tool! It has been a game-changer for our business!