Payanywhere Introduces Custom Invoice Numbering.

By Ryan Gibbons on
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When it comes to assigning invoice numbers for transactions, Payanywhere has always used automatic system generated numbers. Until now...

With the release of Payments Hub version, we’ve added new Invoice Numbering options built to fit your needs. This setting applies to transactions processed in both the Payanywhere app and Payments Hub. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can view and update your Invoice Numbering settings in Payments Hub under Business Settings → Payment Settings.
  • System generated invoice numbers: Under this default setting, Payanywhere provides system generated invoice numbers for your transactions. 
  • Define automatic invoice numbering: Define your own invoice numbering and continue in sequential order (Ex: 1, 2, 3).
    • Only the Owner can change this setting.
    • This option is available to both manual and auto close merchants.

Coming soon! The ability to view and edit this setting in the Payanywhere app will be added in the next app release. For more information on Invoice Numbering and its functionality, please view our help article.