Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale: Modernizing the checkout experience.

By Joshua Griffin on
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Technology is transforming how customers engage with their favorite businesses and even how they pay for the goods or services they want. Customers crave a simplified and rapid transaction experience and merchants should be able to provide an engaging experience to help drive their brand loyalty.

To help provide a unique experience that customers desire and solidify the relationship between you and your customers, we are happy to introduce the Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale. The latest offering in the Payanywhere Smart Solution suite is a unique hardware solution designed to facilitate customer engagement through its customer-facing touchscreen.

Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale features:

A 8” inch HD touchscreen.

  • A 4.3” customer-facing touchscreen.
  • EMV chip card, NFC contactless, and magstripe readers.
  • PIN debit.
  • Built in receipt printer.
  • Front and back cameras for barcode scanning.
  • 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

At the heart of Payanywhere, we strive to help provide the best-possible solution to your payment needs. As we grow and evolve, just like your business does, we want to ensure we’re providing simplified and captivating hardware options that will help you optimize the payment experience for your customers. The Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale allows you to offer a unique payment experience that gives your customer the control they’re after. They control the payment method and how they get a receipt – all while viewing a detailed list of what they’re purchasing.

Using the Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale gives the same great business-management capabilities to you, as well.

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Inventory management – Most high-quality POS solutions offer the ability to manage inventory. Being able to do so allows for optimization of business operations and helps you calculate growth projections should you include possible product line expansions.

Setting up employees – In your business, different employees are responsible for different elements of business. Allowing unique rights and access to specific features lets you manage your team and their unique duties. You can also grant certain positions the ability to view, run and edit reports to optimize how the business is running on a day-to-day basis.

Employee scheduling and timecard management – Simplified workforce management is available with the Payanywhere app and Payanywhere Inside through our partnership with Homebase. Quickly edit timecards so bookkeeping isn’t something you dread at the end of the week!

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The Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale is an all-in-one device that combines the convenience of a fully equipped point of sale with Payanywhere’s advanced functionality – so your business gets the best of both worlds. Allowing customers to view their purchases, sign and tip on a touchscreen, and determine if they want the receipt emailed to them or printed out are just some of the features that will go a long way in creating that engaging checkout experience for customers.

The Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale is now available to new and existing Payanywhere merchants. To learn more about the Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale, be sure to check out our introduction video here.

For best ways to contact us and inquire about the Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale, please visit our website