PayAnywhere Version 5.8 – Let’s Get Down to Business

By Shaun Burke on
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PayAnywhere 5.8 UpdateWe’ve heard the feedback, and our team has been working hard to design the changes that you want – and some additional features we think could be handy along the way. We’re always looking for ways to help our current and future PayAnywhere businesses grow and operate more efficiently. So, without further adieu, we bring you PayAnywhere version 5.8.

Tickets & Tabs – It’s easy to open a ticket, run a card to start a tab, and close it out when your customer is ready. Our new Tickets & Tabs feature is great for bars, restaurants, or any business that keeps open orders. What’s especially convenient for your staff is that this feature includes the ability to add custom identifiers such as table number, keeping your orders organized and ensuring a quick checkout experience.

Time Clock – Time is your most valuable asset as a business owner, and we want to make sure you can manage it as efficiently and effectively as possible. We teamed up with Homebase to offer free time clock and employee scheduling functionality for all PayAnywhere businesses. In addition, all PayAnywhere merchants get a complimentary 30-day trial of Homebase Plus to test out even more robust employee management and reporting capabilities. (After your free trial of Homebase Plus expires, you can choose to continue; otherwise, you’ll be automatically downgraded to Homebase Basic, which includes the free time clock and employee scheduling features.)

Offline Transactions – Sometimes there are disruptions in your internet connection or the signal is weak. Business doesn’t stop just because the internet is down, so why should your payment processing capabilities? We’re pleased to introduce the ability to accept payments even when you’re experiencing a weak internet signal or are offline entirely. These “downtime” transactions will be temporarily saved and then will process once your connection is back up. With PayAnywhere, you can operate with confidence and know we’re supporting you, even if you’re having a technologically challenging day.

Kitchen Printer – Our restaurant friends are getting another sought-after feature: PayAnywhere can now connect to a kitchen printer! This means your staff can take orders at the table or anywhere at your location, and then fire orders directly to your kitchen staff via the Star SP742ML Ethernet printer. This will help streamline your workflow and give your staff more time to focus on your guests.

Update your app to version 5.8 today and start using these incredible new features to add convenience and functionality for your business, customers and staff. To learn more, check out our FAQ page. At PayAnywhere, we’re dedicated to making things easy.