PCI Plus to the rescue!

By Ryan Gibbons on
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Businesses are up against unique challenges when it comes to securing customer card data and PCI compliance. It can be particularly tricky for small businesses. Most small businesses don’t have the same resources and budget dedicated for security that large businesses do, so PCI compliance can fall by the wayside.

Simply mentioning PCI compliance can cause some small businesses to get intimidated because of its complex standards and requirements. The PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PCI SAQ) is a merchant’s statement of PCI compliance,  and the way to show that PCI security measures are being implemented to keep cardholder data secure. Depending on how your business accepts cards, will dictate which SAQ needs to be filled out, but they vary in length. Some are around 20 questions, with the longest being 329 questions.

Payanywhere is taking steps to help simplify PCI compliance for businesses so that things like lengthy SAQs, non-compliance fees, and breach concerns are things of the past.

Ready to learn more about PCI Plus? Check out some of the program features:

  • Get rid of SAQs, scans, and check-ins – You’re busy running a business, so you don’t have time for 329 questions about your PCI security. Leave the hard work to NAB’s dedicated support professionals.
  • Breach forgiveness – In the unfortunate event that your business suffers a breach, we offer up to $100,000 in breach forgiveness coverage for each qualifying merchant identification.
  • Simple pricing models – Pick how you want to pay for PCI Plus. Find out if you qualify for the Tier 1 program and you choose an upfront, annual payment or make monthly payments. 
  • Eliminate costly PCI fees – No one likes PCI non-compliance fees. With Edge and flat rate pricing, there are ZERO PCI fees!

At Payanywhere, we know you want to focus on running your business. PCI Plus takes the guesswork out of knowing if your business is PCI compliant or not, and it gets you back to working on more important things.

To learn more about PCI compliance and how it impacts your business, please download our PCI compliance resource guide:  A Merchant’s Guide To PCI Compliance

To learn more about the PCI Plus program, please visit, watch our helpful PCI Plus video, or call 877-840-1952.