The newest updates to Payanywhere Inside.

By Shaun Burke on
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Payanywhere is working towards our for-the-merchant agenda, which means that a great majority of the updates and solutions we are debuting are based on feedback from what you, our merchants, have asked for to help make business easier. With this in mind, we are making great strides in creating an easy-to-use business management portal that simplifies doing business.

The latest update has added some unique options that will help make doing business much easier. Two of the key enhancements that we have incorporated include editing/viewing Payanywhere app and receipt settings, and simplifying invoices and tax.

Payanywhere app and receipt settings.

Payanywhere users are now able to view and edit their settings through Payanywhere Inside. Here you can enable features, customize your receipt, set tax amount and preset tip options, and more! Access your settings under Account → Settings.

After adjusting the settings to your preference in Payanywhere Inside, be sure to click “Save” to lock in your changes. Changes made on the app or through Payanywhere Inside will sync, to ensure settings are the same throughout. Only Owners, Admins, and Managers are able to access and change these settings. The Employee-level permissions, such as Cashiers being able to run refunds or perform voids, are still found under Business → Employees.

Invoices and tax.

Now you have the ability to enter a custom tax amount or geotax (which pulls tax rates automatically from a merchant’s geographic location) when creating invoices.

To set this up, you’ll create a new invoice as normal. Selecting the “Taxable” line, you are then able to enter the desired tax percentage, or if you have geotax enabled, the tax rate based on location will show up under “Tax Amount.”

The addition of these features is just another example of where your input is greatly appreciated. As always, we welcome comments and feedback on updates we’ve made. Please feel free to reach out to us with your input at We look forward to hearing from you!