What’s new in Payanywhere 5.8.5?

By Jereme Sanborn on
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Payanywhere version 5.8.5 is here! Your input has fueled us to create an even better user experience – for you and the customers you serve.

We are very excited about the new additions to the Payanywhere product line but let’s not forget what’s at the core of all our great devices – the Payanywhere app and Payanywhere Inside!

Faster than ever before!

Speed and convenience are big benefits when it comes to using Payanywhere, and we just made it faster for you. Processing payments with Payanywhere is now up to 40% faster. With quicker transactions, you can move through your line of customers faster and your customers end up leaving happy because of how speedy their experience was. 

Cash discounting.

Offering a greater user experience means having a clear communication so your customers know exactly what they are getting. When using cash discount, a customer paying with a credit card will see the total amount for the item (whatever you set) included on the transaction. For example, if your cash price is $2.00 and the cash discounting fee is $0.20, the credit price of the item will be $2.20.

Indicating what your customers pay if they use cash or credit helps eliminate confusion when it comes time for processing the transaction, which is why it remains important to clearly display for your customers what is being implemented.

Check out the Payanywhere Shop!

Make sure you check out the Payanywhere Shop. If you are new to Payanywhere, signing up for  Payanywhere has never been easier! You can quickly sign up for an account with Payanywhere with our simple “Pay-As-You-Go” plan and purchase one of our Payanywhere Smart Terminals! All you do is choose your plan, pick your hardware, and fill out the application.

If you are an existing merchant with Payanywhere, you can easily order a new reader or upgrade your business with the Payanywhere’s Smart Terminal. Just visit Payanywhere Inside to find what you need. Regardless of what your business needs, we’re ready to serve you!

Payanywhere Inside enhancements.

If you frequent Payanywhere Inside, you might notice a couple changes. The Deposit Summary Report and the Deposit Detail Report have more information listed. The Deposit Summary Report offers a snapshot of deposit(s) for a particular date range, and the Deposit Detail Report gives you greater details on the transactions within a deposit and what fees have been deducted from that deposit.  With this enhancement, you have the greatest transparency into your deposits and all applicable fees. 

Another new feature includes having the ability to select multiple items in your inventory for deletion. You’ll also notice we’ve changed the title of the “Today” tab. It will now read “Dashboard” because of some helpful feedback that you all have shared with us. 

Payanywhere 5.8.5 is delivering an improved customer and merchant experience, and we think that it’s one you’re going to enjoy. We keep working hard to incorporate features that you want as part of your payments solution, so keep sharing your input with us at