What’s new in Payanywhere 5.9.1?

By Jereme Sanborn on
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Payanywhere is dedicated to continually improving for our merchants and your customers. We’ve heard your feedback and our team has been working hard to create an even better app experience for you.

Enhancements to Payanywhere:

  • Viewing and closing open tickets and tabs: Owners, admins, managers, and cashiers are able to view and close out each other’s tabs. We know the work day can get crazy and to help your store run more smoothly, all employees can now work as a true team, and close each other’s tabs if need be.
  • Smart Solutions: Payanywhere is all about speed. Our Smart Solution suite, made up of the Smart Flex, Smart Terminal, and Smart Point of Sale, has reduced the delay in receipt printing from three seconds to half a second to ensure payments is one area that’s not slowing you down.
  • Faster transactions: Speed enhancements for Payanywhere don’t just stop with the receipt printing. Faster transactions using Terminal theme are also a feature of the new update.

Updates to Payanywhere Inside:

  • Cash Discount: We’ve simplified cash discount reporting for you. You can now see the cash discount fees collected in the Transaction and Expanded Transaction reports.
  • Communications preferences: Added ability to manage your communications settings. You may have seen new emails called the Daily Snapshot. This is a detailed summary of your daily processing activity. Part of the latest enchantment allows you the ability to manage your communications preferences, meaning you have the ability to opt out of the Daily Snapshot emails. However, these emails offer insight and provide assistance so we hope you’ll stay in touch!
    • How it works:
      • 1) Go to Account (person icon in the top right corner). In the Personal section, scroll down to find Communication Preferences.
      • 2) Under Communications Preferences headers, click the dropdown arrow next to your email address and select “I do not want to receive this email.”
      • 3) Click "Save".
  • Card Present Virtual Terminal: Want lower fees and a simplified Virtual Terminal experience? We’ve released the first version of card present transactions in the Virtual Terminal. This allows users with compatible browsers and a Payanywhere 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Bluetooth Credit Card Reader to accept card present transactions using the Virtual Terminal. For more information on card present Virtual Terminal transactions, check out our FAQ

Payanywhere is committed to providing the best customer experience possible. We do this through a combination of your input and our own initiative of trying to improve the app with technology trends. In Payanywhere 5.9.1, we have identified and resolved some issues to improve your experience. As always, if you identify an issue, please feel free to contact us at