Merchant accounts for organizations & nonprofits.

Payanywhere helps nonprofit organizations accept credit card payments simply and seamlessly.

Benefits of partnering with a merchant services provider.

Any business that accepts payment for goods, services, or even in support of a worthy nonprofit cause, will benefit from partnering with the right merchant services provider. In fact, it's a proven way for nonprofit organizations to increase donations.

Accept all the ways to pay.

At Payanywhere, we specialize in creating customized merchant accounts for organizations and nonprofits. We'll help you determine the best ways to accept debit and credit cards, cash payments, and more, while you interact with donors:

Our flexible POS software gives you access to all the features you need to increase your donations.

Before you accept payments as a nonprofit organization, you'll want to make sure you're partnering with a credit card processor that offers the latest features. As a nonprofit, it's imperative that you find the right payment processing company to partner with to enhance your fundraising efforts. At Payanywhere, we give you access to invaluable features that can help you grow your donor base and donations.

  • Offline transactions — accept donations even when you have a weak or limited internet connection.
  • Internet-enabled payments — access our Virtual Terminal for free within Payments Hub to accept and enter phone and mail or cash donations directly through your web browser.
  • Online donor payments on one-time or recurring invoices.

It's merchant services for organizations — simplified!

Campaign reporting.

View top fundraisers by volume, number of transactions, and more.

Donor management.

See who your biggest supporters are, track first-time donors, and follow each donor's giving history. You can even enroll interested donors in an autopay program!

Secure donation acceptance.

We've simplified PCI compliance with our new PCI Plus Program where we do the heavy lifting while you focus on building donor relationships and supporting your cause. When it comes to payment processing for nonprofits, Payanywhere supports organizations like yours with confidence and gives you everything you need to power one-time or recurring donations from your loyal contributors.

Do nonprofits pay credit card fees?

Any merchant or entity who accepts credit card payments is subject to credit card processing fees. Most of these fees are related to the Interchange pricing set by the major card brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Picking a payment processor for your organization.

If you're running a nonprofit, there are a number of things you should look for in a payments partner.


Low rates.

At Payanywhere we offer pay as you go pricing or we'll create a custom pricing plan built around your specific needs.


Access to technology-driven POS systems.

Choose from a full suite of payment devices, including our Smart Solutions! You'll also have free access to a secure online Virtual Terminal so you can easily accept donations and payments directly from your web browser.


Access to data-driven analytics.

We'll help you raise more funds more effectively by giving you access to daily reports, send recurring invoices, and so much more. Whether you're in our proprietary payments app, or inside Payments Hub, you'll get access to all the data you need to make smarter decisions when it comes to supporting your nonprofit organization.

Offer potential donors every way to pay.

The more payment choices you can offer your potential donors, the more money you'll raise. When you partner with Payanywhere, we'll help you securely accept:

  • Credit cards.

    Seamlessly accept both traditional magstripe cards and EMV chip cards.
  • NFC contactless payments.

    Tap to pay with NFC contactless mobile payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • PIN debit cards.

    Allow customers to securely enter their PIN on debit transactions.
  • Online payments.

    Send invoices, accept phone payments, and more from your back office.

Manage your donations from anywhere by performing refunds and voids and generating valuable reports from any device, no matter where you are!

In-app payments.

You can even download our software development kit to seamlessly integrate payments into your app, point of sale, or website.

Manage your employees.

Our employee management tools allow you to easily:

  • Add and manage employees with unique roles and customizable levels of access.
  • Give trusted employees access to the business management and reporting features within Payments Hub.
  • Generate performance reports on individuals or groups of employees.
  • Integrate with Homebase for additional employee management features.

Homebase integration.

Sync your employees with our free integration from Homebase to create a full-featured employee management platform.

Access free reports.

When we say we're more than just a merchant services provider, we mean it. We give you real-time insights into your nonprofit business with easy-to-understand, analytics-based reports that help you:

  • Make smarter decisions based on your data.
  • Create transaction and deposit reports.
  • Generate flash reports to get a quick overview of your day.
  • Carry your back office on your phone, tablet, or wearable.

If you're serious about securing the right merchant account and payment processing partner for your nonprofit, it's time you talked with Payanywhere.

Power your potential with Payanywhere. Get started today.