Manage your inventory
and the products you sell.

It’s simple to sell, track, and restock your items with Payanywhere’s free inventory tools.

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Build a cloud-based library.

Your own flexible catalog of products that’s easy to sort and accessible from any device. You’ve never felt this organized.

  • Import.

    Save time by uploading your inventory in bulk with our easy-to-use template.
  • Items & categories.

    Create items with multiple price variants. Sort them into categories for faster access at the time of a transaction.
  • Modifiers.

    Customize your items at the time of sale with modifier sets.
  • Discounts.

    Create preset discounts based on percentage or dollar amount, or add one on the fly. Apply to an entire order or a single item.
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Sell with one tap.

The items in your library are immediately available on your point of sale. Just tap an item to add it to an order.

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Go faster with barcode scanning.

Use a Bluetooth barcode scanner or your device camera to quickly scan an item and add it to an order.

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Track stock with ease.

Create custom low stock alerts per price line, and get notified immediately when an item is out of stock. Your inventory syncs in real-time across all your devices no matter where sales are made.

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See what's hot and what's not.

Track sales by item, category, modifier, and discount. Export stock reports, item performance, and transactions by category.

What's it cost?

Inventory tools are included with your Payanywhere account.

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