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If there are ever times when you need to take payments when your customer is not present with their physical card or mobile device, you should consider obtaining a virtual point of sale (POS) solution. This virtual technology acts in much the same way that the physical terminal in your brick-and-mortar store does, facilitating the fast and secure payments that your customers expect and demand. There are several compelling reasons to make a virtual POS part of your operations.

Potential buyers have many choices. Therefore, it is up to you as a business owner to provide a checkout experience that rises above the rest. Offering a flexible and secure payment experience allows people to rest assured that their identity and sensitive credit card information will remain safe from hackers. In addition, your virtual POS gives them several ways to pay. Those who prefer to make their purchases from the comfort of their homes can simply give you a call, provide their payment details, and have items delivered to their door or available for pickup. Those with access to a computer can take the process into their own hands by entering information into your website’s virtual terminal-equipped gateway.

In the most modern twist to product purchasing, virtual terminals also support NFC (near-field communications) contactless payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Made possible by digital wallet applications that consumers can configure in their mobile phones, NFC contactless payments enable customers to simply tap or place their device near a specially equipped reader that is connected to your virtual POS system. Every aspect of the transaction is securely encrypted, which allows consumers to safely purchase products using their smartphones, even if they aren’t carrying any cash or credit cards. 

Using the digital receipt feature that all virtual POS systems possess, you send a receipt instantly to your customer with a simple tap, providing an electronic record of the purchase that they can keep track of and store in an environmentally conscientious way. 

The experience that customers encounter when they come to your store or shop by phone or online is something over which you have a great deal of control. Buyers who are pleased with their overall relationship with you and your brand are far more likely to return, to refer you to their friends, and to entrust you with their valuable personal payment details and buying-preference information.

Many consumers love the act of browsing and bargain hunting, but few relish checkout. As a business owner, it is in your best interests to make this inevitable part of the shopping experience as fast, flexible, and secure as possible. The good news is that your virtual POS can be a big help by accepting credit and debit cards of all types, as well as facilitating the use of NFC contactless and card-not-present transactions. 

In addition, virtual POS systems allow you to take advantage of recurring payments technology. This feature lets you and your customer predetermine a set schedule for sending funds to you. Together you decide the amount, frequency, and date of withdrawal. Once the program is set up, the money will be automatically withdrawn from your customer’s account in the specified amount and intervals. The result is fewer errors, virtually no late payments, and a smoother experience for everyone involved. 

The bottom line is that your virtual POS can function as an ambassador for your company once people find out how easy and safe it is to buy products from you in any number of ways. It  is not just a must-have in terms of your customers, it’s also invaluable to your internal operations. Paramount among these is tracking your sales data to determine which products are selling, which are not, and who among your staff are your best performers. Your virtual POS provides analytics that help you to keep your finger on the pulse of all of these pressing business concerns. At the heart of this information are your customer directories. Your virtual POS can be indispensable in every aspect of creating, importing, and updating the buyer details that are the lifeblood of your enterprise. 

Once armed with these details, you can provide your most important guests with unique product offerings based on their past purchases and send them targeted promotions that will keep them coming back again and again. In an era when outside marketing consultants are often too pricey for small entrepreneurs to afford, your virtual POS system can function as a springboard for a remarkably effective in-house customer outreach plan.

No matter what type of business you are running, a virtual POS system can be an excellent enhancement. Even if they do not have an office or fancy equipment, business owners who are based out of their homes can provide a highly professional and secure payment environment for their customers who pay online or over the phone. The result is security and professionalism without prohibitive overhead costs. 

Larger operations with outside sales teams can also benefit from the flexibility that virtual POS systems make possible. Instead of needing to direct customers to take the additional step of contacting the front office to submit payment details after a sale, your staff can simply use a virtual POS to complete the transaction on the spot, minimizing the likelihood of mistakes and buyer’s remorse. Finally, even the busiest B2B operations will reap the benefits of a virtual POS since it is capable of handling large orders that come in from other companies via email or fax. No matter how big or small your business might be, a virtual POS system can be a useful silent partner.

Any company that handles credit card data from customers must be in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This set of protocols helps to ensure that sensitive data is protected by robust security practices and procedures. Virtual POS systems are mandated to be equipped with the latest PCI-compliant security specifications. As such, businesses using them can accept customer payments with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all reasonable steps have been taken to protect their brand and the sensitive information their customers have provided. With fraud ever-present and on the rise, doing all you can to safeguard your business is a necessity. A virtual POS system serves as just one layer of the protective armor that you should set up in your ongoing battle against hackers and identity thieves.

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